Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy New Years!

So, I am obviously a little late with this post but I wanted to write a little about our holidays. I guess I'll start with Christmas. We had a great time. We celebrated our Christmas the day after because Anthony worked on Christmas day. We just hung out in our pajamas all day, and played with all of our new toys. Jenna was in heaven, if she had her way she'd wear pajamas all day everyday. This Christmas was so fun all the kids were so into it. It was magical! A couple days after Christmas we drove to California with my brother and his family, and my sister and her husband. We met the rest of my family there, except for Scott who is still on a mission, for my other younger brother's wedding. We had so much fun! We got to meet Kerri's family and have a bonfire on the beach with them. I couldn't believe it, but all the kids got in the ocean. The ocean is too cold for me in the summer, I can't imagine what it would be like on December 29th. Their wedding was beautiful!! Congratulations Drew and Kerri we love you!! After California we drove to Phoenix for a reception there. We got to see lot of friends and family. I loved the time I had to spend with my family. They are the best! So here are a few pictures of our activities.

Jenna, Tyler, and Rylan waiting to go downstairs and open presents!

Bonfire at the beach the night before Drew and Kerri's wedding.

Crazy kids playing in the ocean on December 29th. Brave kids!

Anthony and I at the beach.

My Siblings! We miss you Scott, see you soon!

Anthony & I with Rylan, Jenna, and Tyler. They were a little cold!

Drew & Kerri

Celebrating the New Year with cousins!

Here we are with my parents, and my grandma

Me, Kimber, and Tami at Drew & Kerri's reception. I had fun seeing you, miss you guys!


  1. Cute pictures! I love the one of your cute little family on the beach with all the water right behind you. (especially with all the kids wet and no shirt on Tyler- brrrr)
    It was so fun seeing you too, wish you lived closer so we could hang out more. But again, I'm so glad you started a blog!

  2. congratulations on the ol' blog!
    looks really cute. you're way more advanced as a beginner than I was back in the day. very nice...very nice...

    i didn't realize you guys celebrated Christmas a day late. was that weird on the 25th to not be doing anything?????

  3. Great job, Julie. So fun to be able to see you in cyberspace! Come home soon. Love you!