Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Welcome Brigham!!

I hope it doesn't make me a bad mom because my baby is six weeks old and these are the first pictures I've posted of Brigham. Brigham was born on September 13th at 1:09am. The crazy thing about that is Anthony and I arrived at the labor and delivery desk at 12:55am. He was born just 14 minutes after we got there. It's a good thing Anthony was home and willing to run a few red lights. I had been having contractions all night, but I guess in the back of my mind I thought they would just stop like they had with my other kids. I've been induced each time and with this one I was scheduled to be induced on the 17th so I just figured I would make until then. Anyway, I was trying to time my contraction, but they were kind of all over the place so I was waiting for them to become more regular. Well, when they became regular there was no time in between them. All I can say is I'm glad we made it to the hospital, and I'm glad it went fast because I didn't have an epidural. Besides being a little crazy things went well. Brigham is perfect!! He weighed 8lbs. 11oz. and was 21 inches long. We are so excited to have him here! The kids love him so much! Here are a few pictures of him!!
My Boys!
Jenna is so good to her brother. She loves to hold him standing up. And she makes sure to give him a kiss before she goes to school each day.

Tyler absolutely loves his brother. He always asks where the baby is, and loves to kiss him. It doesn't matter how tired or grouchy he is at night, he won't go to bed without giving Brigham a kiss.
Rylan is at such a fun age. He really is a big help. When Brigham starts fussing the next thing I know is Rylan has picked him up, and is holding him making him happy!

Both grandmas were able to come help us after he was born. We appriciate all they did and love spending time with them! Sorry mom I can't find the picture from when you were here. I'll add that when I find it. Proud Dad!

My friend Carol was nice enough to come over and take pictures of Brigham when he was two weeks old. I think they turned out so cute! Thanks Carol!!

Brigham has been such a fantastic baby! He has already brought so much joy to our family! We feel so blessed to have him in our family!


  1. Congratulations Julie! Holy CRAP you're lucky he didn't come out in the car, that's crazy. You and Tami have such big families now:) I love all the pictures, especially the one of him on the chair, so cute!!

  2. Yeah! So happy he is here safe and sound!! Cute pictures.

  3. What a beautiful baby! What a birth story! You are lucky you made it to the hospital. Just two weeks ago one of our CNA's at Sunrise delivered a baby out in the parking lot after she had wheeled a mom out for discharge. A couple more minutes and that could have been you!!

  4. finally announced him. He's so cute. Can't believe he's 6 weeks already!

  5. Congratulations Julie! Your family looks great and the baby is adorable!

  6. Julie, what a beautiful family you have. Brigham is georgous and looks healthy. I'm glad that everything ended up okay with the delivery. I'm glad that you made it there, what a story! I'm happy the kids are all adjusting so well too. Congratulations, I'm thrilled for you!

  7. Those pictures are precious! What a birth story! You're the first person I know of that had the baby in less time than I did with Caleb. He was born exactly 15 minutes after hospital arrival. You go girl! Congratulations!

  8. Girl, you had an almost nine pound baby with no epidural! Unbelievable. He's a total babe. Cute name too :)