Saturday, May 16, 2009

Trying To Catch Up!!

So, obviously I haven't done too well at this whole blogging thing. We really have done some fun things as a family, and I feel bad I haven't done anything with them. I am going to make an attempt to summarize our last few months. First, we took the kids out to Logandale, and went four wheeling all day. The kids had a great time. Somehow, Tyler was even able to fall asleep on the ride.

Here are the kids having fun playing in the snow with cousins at Mt. Charleston.

During track break/spring break we went to Idaho for a week. We played with lots of cousins. Rylan was in heaven because there were lots of boy cousins to play with. They were able to have sleep overs, and swim, and just have tons of fun.

On our way home from Idaho we stopped at our condo, and stayed a night. The next morning the kids went sledding and played in the snow. Rylan likes trying to snowboard whenever he goes sledding. We went from playing in the snow that day to coming home and the kids putting bathing suits on and playing in the water.

Here are some of our Easter pictures. The kids had fun coloring easter eggs. I had no idea that if I walked in the house for a second that I would come out to the kids dying their hands as well. They all had blue hands.

This was my best attempt at getting a cute easter picture of my kids. They all have the goofiest smiles right now. And it's hard to get them all to look at the same time. But here they are, and I love them!!

We had an Easter dinner and Easter egg hunt with friends and family. These were are cute little bunny cakes. The kids loved helping with them. And then that is a picture of all the kids after finding all their eggs.

Baseball and Tball season has started!! We love it. Both Rylan and Jenna are doing so well, and having so much fun. It has been so much fun watching Rylan's team really catch on to the game, and learn plays. It has definately kept us busy, but we look forward to the nights we spend at the ball field.

So, there it is. It's a pretty sorry attempt to fill in the last few months. And it took me so long to get that done, I'm starting to get behind again. Hopefully one day I can stay caught up.

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  1. Love the picture of Rylan and Lincoln in their baseball uniforms!