Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Cute Boys!

Ok, I know this is a little wierd but I had to take a picture and share the story because I thought it was so funny. So today Tyler comes running into me very excited saying,"Mom look, my dad shot a rat." I follow him into the kitchen where he has the garbage can open pointing at this large piece of lint from the dryer telling me again that,"dad shot a rat." I had to laugh. I guess I should clean out the lint from the dryer more often.

I had put the kids to bed the other night. And when I came back to check on them I found Rylan reading to Tyler. He has become such a good reader. I just though it was so sweet to see him reading to his little brother. I also love that my boys refuse to wear shirts when they sleep.

Anthony and I found Tyler sleeping like this the other day. I couldn't believe he was really sleeping standing up, but he was out cold.

Finally!!! Rylan lost his first tooth! He couldn't be happier. He's been waiting for this for a long time. He pulled it out during school on the third day. I think it's so cute, I love the big holes in kids mouths when they start losing teeth. I am so happy for you Rylan!


  1. Isaac just lost his first this summer too! It is a major milestone in a boy's life. I don't remember my girls thinking it was such a huge deal;)

  2. Cute, cute! It's so fun to have 2 kids that sleep in the same room and have their little "night activities". Tyler and Madix stay up forever just laughing and reading books. That's so funny, Tyler just standing there sleeping!

  3. Funny stuff! Of course dad had to shoot the rat how else would it have died. Tyler must have been exhausted to fall asleep while standing there!