Saturday, January 7, 2012


So I promised myself I was going to catch up on my blog but I don't think I can keep that promise otherwise I may never blog again. And how do you catch up on almost 2 years worth of activities with 4 kids? But there are a few things that have happened over the last year and a half or so that I feel need to at least be mentioned. Here is a very brief run down on what's been going on here. (I can't figure out why this is underlined but I'm just going to go with it because I don't want to take the time to try and fix it).This is Tyler on his first day of preschool. He went to Miss Heather's school and loved it. She is so creative and the kids come home with the cutest projects.

Brigham had his first and second birthday. This is him on his first birthday. He is such a sweet little boy. We just love him!!

Rylan turned 8 and was baptised into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He was so excited for this big day. We are so proud of him and the decisions he has made. He is a good kids and always tries to do his best.
When he turned 8 he was also able to start scouts. He couldn't wait for this. He loves going to scouts and participating in all the activities.

Rylan and Jenna on the first day of school 2010. Rylan started 2nd grade and Jenna started 1st grade.

Rylan and Jenna on the first day of school 2011. Rylan is starting 3rd grade and Jenna is in 2nd grade.

Tyler on the first day of his second year of preschool. He was lucky enough to be in Miss. Heather's class again. We just love her!
There are so many things that I am not including but if I did I would never be able to move on. We went on some fun trips. Some of those would be our trip to California with some of our cousins, we visited our friends in California, trips to visit family are always so fun. We took the kids to Yellowstone for the first time this summer and they loved it! I hope to do better in 2012 keeping up with my blog. Maybe that will be my New Years resolution.

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