Saturday, January 7, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Here are the kids in their new pajamas that they opened on Christmas Eve. We had a fun Christmas break. Doing lots of stuff to get ready for Christmas. We watched Christmas movies, went to the live nativity, which was so good! Lots of shopping, sleeping in, making little gifts for our friends and neighbors, and going to look at Christmas lights. But this Christmas turned into a Christmas our family will NEVER forget. I had spent the last 9 months fighting the idea of having a baby too close to Christmas because who wants their birthday on Christmas? Well during this busy break I started having more and more contractions but they went away each night and I kept telling myself to hang in their until after Christmas. As we got closer I would tell myself just not Christmas day, and then I decided if I could just make it until after all the Christmas festivities or maybe just Christmas afternoon. Well our little baby had his own plans and they did not include missing out on Christmas. So after delivering neighbor gifts and wrapping the last of the presents Anthony and I decided to go to bed. I was thinking I had made it contractions would stop just like the other nights, we would wake up go to church, open our presents and then if we had him fine. Well I never did get to sleep that night. I kept thinking with each contraction if I have one more I'd get up and get my bag ready for the hospital. I hadn't gotten ready for the hospital yet because I really wasn't due until Jan. 5th. Well, Anthony woke up and saw a look on my face that he remembered all too well from when Brigham was born. We got to the hospital 14 before Brigham was born so needless to say he was worried we would again barely make it or maybe not make it at all this time. I kept telling him I wasn't that far along, that my contractions weren't as intense as they were with Brigham. He called our wonderful neighbors who were so willing to help us on Christmas morning, it was about 1:30 in the morning at this point. She came right down to stay with our kids who didn't have a clue we were leaving. They thought they were going to wake up to Santa coming and being able to open their presents. That is what was killing me about all of this. I felt bad for the kids. Anthony and I left for the hospital, when we got there and I got into bed I told the nurse I felt so dumb because I thought they were going to send me home. It felt like my contractions had slowed down. The nurse told me they were going to hook me up to the monitors and watch me for an hour and then decide what to do. Well that was at 2:15am, I then had another hard contraction which broke my water and it was over from there, our sweet boy was born at 2:38am. I guess my contractions hadn't slowed down as much as I thought. I was again unable to get an epidural which after Brigham was born I swore would not happen again. I got close to getting one but when the anesthesiologist got to the parking lot they called him back and said never mind there wouldn't be enough time. Dang! But we are all so happy to have him here. Christmas morning was not what the kids had expected but Anthony was there when they woke up and they were excited to have a new brother for Christmas too. They said it was their best gift. I think we'd all agree. He is sooo sweet! So here he is, Brock David. He weighed 7lbs. 11oz. and was 20 inches long. He has been such a good baby so far and everyone is absolutely in love with him. The kids love to hold him and snuggle him. They have been a huge help.
So Christmas morning Anthony brought the kids and all their presents up to the hospital and we had Christmas there. They didn't want to wait until the next day when I would be home and I guess I can't blame them. I just appreciated them being so great about the change in plans.
Here is Brigham with his new basketball hoop. He loves to shoot hoop!

Jenna and her hair color Bratz doll. I think she wanted this so she could color her own hair. She got her own little style which we love.The boys scored on the RC car, helicopters, and a duck hunting game. They have loved having wars with all of them. In fact we've already had to replace their duck hunting game.
Santa brought the kids and Anthony new shoes. The kids all wanted new heelys. So they've been rolling all around the house ever since and our floors are showing signs of it. We had such a fun Christmas! Even though I fought the idea of a Christmas baby we are so excited he is here and what a great day to celebrate the birth of a child!


So I promised myself I was going to catch up on my blog but I don't think I can keep that promise otherwise I may never blog again. And how do you catch up on almost 2 years worth of activities with 4 kids? But there are a few things that have happened over the last year and a half or so that I feel need to at least be mentioned. Here is a very brief run down on what's been going on here. (I can't figure out why this is underlined but I'm just going to go with it because I don't want to take the time to try and fix it).This is Tyler on his first day of preschool. He went to Miss Heather's school and loved it. She is so creative and the kids come home with the cutest projects.

Brigham had his first and second birthday. This is him on his first birthday. He is such a sweet little boy. We just love him!!

Rylan turned 8 and was baptised into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He was so excited for this big day. We are so proud of him and the decisions he has made. He is a good kids and always tries to do his best.
When he turned 8 he was also able to start scouts. He couldn't wait for this. He loves going to scouts and participating in all the activities.

Rylan and Jenna on the first day of school 2010. Rylan started 2nd grade and Jenna started 1st grade.

Rylan and Jenna on the first day of school 2011. Rylan is starting 3rd grade and Jenna is in 2nd grade.

Tyler on the first day of his second year of preschool. He was lucky enough to be in Miss. Heather's class again. We just love her!
There are so many things that I am not including but if I did I would never be able to move on. We went on some fun trips. Some of those would be our trip to California with some of our cousins, we visited our friends in California, trips to visit family are always so fun. We took the kids to Yellowstone for the first time this summer and they loved it! I hope to do better in 2012 keeping up with my blog. Maybe that will be my New Years resolution.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Not giving up...yet

I have been the world's worst blogger. I have missed so much in the last year, but I don't want to just skip it and move on so I am really going to try and sum things up the best I can. I want to at least write a little about the big things that have happened. So we'll see how this goes. I'm not starting now and that could be my first mistake but there will be more to come soon. I hope.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

I don't think it is possible for me to do a post without getting pictures out of order. If anyone know how to move them please help!! I just mess it up every time. This is the view from our bedroom window. Not a bad thing to go to sleep and wake up to!! I could definitely live with that!
So back in May Anthony and I had the chance to go to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with my parents, my youngest brother, another brother and his wife, and my sister and her husband. We took Brigham but left the other kids with Anthony's mom. Thank you Adeanna!! We are so grateful for such wonderful grandparents who have been willing to watch our kids and takes such good care of them! We missed my two older brothers and their wives, but hopefully we will do this again soon. We had such an amazing time! The house we stayed at is RIGHT on the beach. So we spent lots of time playing at the beach, although I am not a big fan of the ocean. I love the beach but a little afraid of the ocean. We went swimming, played games, enjoyed the warm sun, and did lots of shopping in town. These are pictures of my family and the house.

This is the third time I have been able to go to Puerto Vallarta and stay at this house. It is beautiful. And such a wonderful place to stay.

The next pictures are of shopping in town.

Brigham had plenty of people willing to play with him. It made it nice for Anthony and I. We were able to to some fun things too.

One day we took a day trip and went repelling, did zip lines, rode these donkeys, and took a speed boat ride back to town. This was well worth it and will definitely do it again next time! I am normally totally afraid of heights, but now once did I feel scared. It was a total blast!

This was Brigham favorite napping spot. He would fall asleep almost instantly when Anthony would lay in the hammock with him.

The boys would spend a lot of time catching crabs. I don't know that the others enjoyed this as much as Anthony, but they were good spots about it. As you can tell Anthony took this seriously.

This was the view from one of the restaurants we ate at.

This is where we stopped to go snorkeling. I did get in but I don't think I stayed in too long. The ocean just creeps me out a little too much.

Thanks dad and mom that was such a fun trip. We love you!